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Preventing Food Wastage: Awareness Session


A Health & Well Being Program of KIS

Preventing Food Wastage: Awareness Session for the students of Grade 7A

The objective of the awareness session on preventing food wastage for students of Grade 7 was to introduce and sensitize them to the critical issue of food waste. The session aimed to encourage behavioural changes, foster mindful eating habits, and promote responsible food consumption among the students.

Date: 27.07.2023

Venue: 7 Classroom

The students were educated about the environmental, economic, and social consequences of food wastage. Discussions were facilitated to help students grasp the ethos. The students were engaged in a brainstorming activity to identify common causes of food wastage in school. Students shared their insights and highlighted how they waste food. The core of the session involved providing practical tips and strategies to prevent food wastage. The students were encouraged to be mindful of portion sizes and finish the food put on the plate.

The students were given time to reflect on the issue of food wastage and use their creative expression to educate the peer group on the prevention of food wastage.

Commitment Pledge:

Towards the end of the session, each student was invited to make a personal commitment to reduce food wastage in their daily lives. They were encouraged to share their pledges with the group, fostering a sense of collective responsibility.


The awareness session on preventing food wastage for students of Grade 7A was successful in achieving its objectives. The students displayed enthusiasm and interest throughout the session, actively participating in discussions and activities. By the end of the session, they had gained a deeper understanding of the issue and the vital role they play in curbing food wastage.

Nakkashi Jain

Counselling Department

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