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Narrative Group Therapy

Date: 6th July 2023

Venue: 7-B Classroom


The primary goal of the Narrative Therapy session for Grade 7B students was to provide a supportive and empowering environment for them to explore their personal narratives, identify strengths, and address challenges. The session aimed to help the students gain a deeper understanding of their experiences and develop resilience in the face of difficulties.

Session Overview:

The Narrative Therapy session took place in the classroom room, providing a safe and confidential space for the students to share their stories. The counsellor facilitated a collaborative and non-judgmental approach, encouraging the students to express themselves freely and engage in meaningful conversations about how different anecdotes from the story books have impacted their personal life experiences.

Session Activities:

Introduction and Icebreaker: The session began with an introduction from the counsellor, explaining the purpose of the session. An icebreaker activity was conducted to help the students feel more at ease and build a sense of rapport with each other and the counsellor.

Externalizing Problems: The counsellor introduced the concept of externalizing problems, encouraging the students to view their challenges as separate from themselves. This technique aimed to help them distance themselves from their issues and develop a more objective perspective.

Reauthoring Stories: Students were encouraged to share a personal narrative or challenge they were facing. The counsellor actively listened and asked open-ended questions to help them explore alternative perspectives and potential strengths in their stories. They were asked to use anecdotes from the books that they had read and how it helped them cope with their day-to-day life challenges.

Identifying Unique Outcomes: The counsellor guided the students in identifying moments in their lives when they coped effectively or achieved positive outcomes. This exercise aimed to highlight their resilience and capabilities.

Group Reflection: Towards the end of the session, the students were encouraged to inculcate the habit of reading and also expressing their own unique stories.


The Narrative Therapy session for Grade 7B students proved to be a valuable and transformative experience. Through the exploration of their personal narratives, the students gained a deeper understanding of themselves and their challenges. The session provided a platform for self-expression, reflection, and empowerment, fostering resilience and promoting positive self-perception. The approach of Narrative Therapy was effective in helping the students develop a more constructive outlook on their lives and build a stronger sense of identity.

Nakkashi Jain

Counselling Department

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