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"Analyzing Perspectives: The UCC Debate Competition Unveiled"

Date: 3/8/23

The Debate Competition between the two clubs- International Forum and Debating &

Literary Society was held on 03 August 2023 at Kothari International School,

organized by the aforementioned clubs. The event witnessed participating members

from these clubs competing against each other, showcasing their debating skills.


The primary objective of the debate competition was to provide a platform for

students to enhance their analytical abilities and public speaking skills. The event aimed

to encourage participants to engage in constructive discussions and present

well-reasoned arguments.

The question for the debate was, “Will the implementation of UCC strengthen

secularism in India?”. The topic was chosen keeping in mind the current situation

of India, and the need for students to be aware of the same.


The panel of judges included our esteemed Principal and Vice Principal, who is

well-versed in debate procedures. The judges provided constructive feedback to the

debaters, emphasizing both strengths and areas for improvement in order to make

the debate more constructive and beneficial for the participants.

Competition Highlights:

Opening Statements: In this round, each team presented their initial arguments,

laying down the main issue for the debate. Participants began by informing us of

the background of the topic while putting their strongest arguments forward.

Rebuttals: The second round was marked by back-and-forth exchanges between

the teams. Participants critically challenged each other's arguments, using facts, examples, and morals.

Special Questions from the Judges: Before the two teams could move on to their

closing statements, our esteemed judges challenged the participants’ knowledge by

asking them highly critical questions which required on-the-spot analytical thinking to

be put to the test.

Closing Statements: In the final round, both teams summarised their arguments with

one open-ended question. The purpose of these questions was to leave both

teams analyzing their entire argument.

Winners: Although both teams performed exceptionally well, there must be a winner. After much deliberation and evaluation, the judges announced the winners of the debate

competition to be the International Forum Club.


Overall, the debate competition between the International Forums and Debating &

Literary Society was a success. It provided an excellent platform for the club

members to develop their critical thinking abilities. It enables the participants as well

as the audience to enhance their knowledge of the Uniform Civil Code

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