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Exploring Self-Awareness Through Group Counselling: A Journey of Personal and Group Development


Self-awareness refers to the capacity of a person to emphasize themselves and the way their actions, thoughts, or even emotions are in congruence with their internal expectations. It is integral for developing personal development as well as group development.

As a part of the KIS Health and Wellness Program, an engrossing Group counseling session was conducted on 22 May 2023 by Ms. Vanya Chadha, our School Counsellor (Grades 8-12) for the students of Grade 10, in order to make them aware about the concept of self-awareness, personal development, group development and it’s impacted in their lives.

The session began with an introduction about the importance of developing self-awareness in their lives. This was followed by an engaging activity on Johari Window, wherein the students were divided into a group of 3, and they shared their traits in the four quadrants i.e., open area, blind area, hidden area, and unknown area.

And, then they indulged in a detailed discussion with their group, to be able to share their traits, as per the aspects in the quadrant, in order to gain awareness about themselves as well as their peers, in turn developing mutual respect for each other.

Further, this session served as a perfect opportunity for the students to express themselves and gain perspective.

Overall, it was an enriching experience for the students of Grade 10.


•Getting to know new things about my friends.

•It was very interesting and we also got to know a little more about our friends.

•We were able to know about each other.

•People have things to tell.

•The thoughts of getting to know more about my classmates and what they think about me.

•You never know everything about everyone.

•One should be self-aware.

•Learning about myself more than I already knew.

•People look at you better than you look at yourself.

•There is so much that even I didn’t know about my best friend, so we need to open up to each other.

Written by:

Vanya Chadha

School Counsellor

Grades 8-12


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