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Guided By Angels- Poem by Saana Salman of Grade 9D

Hope, a light through the dark,

A glimmer of sunshine,

The day I lost it all,

It was a place of agony and despair for my heart,

The cracks, the hurt, the reluctance to live,

All of it was replaced by a rusted feather,

The shadows of darkness,

Swirling around me, twisting and twirling.

"Leave me alone," or

"Tell me what to do?"

But the shadows pay no heed to me,

Smiling and turning,

A flash of light on me,

My eyes squinting from the ray.

After what felt like a millennium,

I felt something... peculiarly strange,

Something like the angels of darkness

Telling me my purpose,

Telling me my destiny,

Allowing me to create a world around me.

I felt colossal bliss,

Like the fractured fragments of my soul

Were cast back into my heart,

"Oh, what a wonderful feeling it was,"

The feeling of finding your lost love,

Being in love and being loved,

The feeling of happiness,

Of being alive,

For me, that's what makes a soul,


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