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Relationship -a maze

A poem by Dr. Sangeeta Arora ( Principal,KIS)

In the maze of life, we chase and strive,

For bonds to cherish, to keep alive.

Friends, lovers, children, parents dear,

We seek their warmth, their presence near.

In this endless quest, we lose our way,

Neglect the soul, let it decay.

Forgetting the heart within our chest,

The relationship that knows us best.

Others bring joy, but also pain,

Their broken bridges we mend in vain.

Pained resilience becomes our creed,

Ignoring the soul's silent plead.

Happiness and sorrow, they intertwine,

Moments of light, but shadows combine.

Expectations hang like clouds above,

In this chase for a long-lasting love.

Yet, in the quiet, our soul awaits,

A patient friend through all life's gates.

If we turn inward, grant it space,

We'll find the peace, the inner grace.

So pause and breathe, hear your soul's call,

For it's the truest bond of all.

Amidst the noise and life's demands,

Hold your own heart within your hands.


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Jul 06

To nourish our soul with loving care is something we forget in our life, so dear. A gentle reminder to all of us- cherish ourselves because we need it the most


Jul 06

भावनाओं की बूंदों और

धड़कनों की रागिनी का अद्वितीय संगम

अनुपम है आपकी रचना का

मर्मस्पर्शी प्रक्रम!

Rashmi Sinha


Jul 06

What a profound message simply worded by a profound woman of substance and sacrifice! Hats off to Dr. Sangeeta Arora Ma'am!


Sakshi Seth


Jul 05

This is so true and so beautifully written.👏🏻


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