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Urjah Tree Plantation Drive at Kothari International School

Empowering Green Initiatives: Urjah Tree Plantation Drive at Kothari International School

Date: August 2023

School: Kothari International School

The spirit of environmental consciousness and active participation came alive at Kothari International School's recent event – the Urjah Tree Plantation Drive. This inspiring initiative, which took place in August 2023, saw vibrant engagement from the Pratiti - SDGs Club and enthusiastic students from grades 9 to 12. The drive aimed not only to sow seeds of greenery but also to nurture a profound sense of responsibility towards our planet.

Seeds of Responsibility Take Root

At the heart of this endeavor was the belief that fostering environmental awareness begins by planting the seeds of responsibility in young hearts. Under the nurturing guidance of our esteemed Principal, Dr. Sangeeta Arora, dedicated teachers, and committed club mentors, the students stepped forward as stewards of nature.

Planting Ashok Trees: A Pledge to Nature and Heritage

The students' eager hands planted saplings of Ashok trees, symbolizing their commitment to environmental conservation. This gesture carried a dual significance, as the Ashok tree holds a revered place in Indian culture and heritage. By planting these trees, the students not only contributed to nature but also celebrated a piece of their cultural identity.

Unity in Green Diversity

The Urjah Tree Plantation Drive showcased the power of unity and collaboration. Students, bound by a shared passion for the environment, worked together tirelessly to ensure the success of the initiative. This collective effort not only beautified the school premises but also nurtured a sense of teamwork that will undoubtedly transcend this event.

Cultivating Environmental Values and Cultural Roots

Beyond the physical act of planting trees, the drive delved deeper into cultivating values. It merged environmental consciousness with cultural appreciation, creating a harmonious blend that left a lasting impact on all participants. As the Ashok trees find their place on the school grounds, they stand as living testaments to the student's commitment to nature and heritage.

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