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Decoding the Role of School Counsellor


A Health & Well Being Program of KIS

Introduction to the School Counsellor

Date: 7th July 2023

Venue: Classroom


The primary objective of the introduction to the school counsellor for Grade 6A was to familiarize the students with the role and presence of the school counsellor. The session aimed to create a welcoming and approachable atmosphere, encouraging the students to seek support, guidance, and resources from the counsellor whenever needed.

Session Overview:

The introduction to the school counsellor took place in the Grade 6A Classroom. The duration of the session was around 30 minutes. The school counsellor, Ms. Nakkashi Jain used an interactive and engaging approach to present herself to the students and provide relevant information about her role as a school counsellor.

Session Activities:

Icebreaker Activity: To create a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, the counsellor began with an icebreaker activity that involved students interacting with each other and sharing interesting facts about herself. This activity encouraged a sense of community and inclusivity.

Introduction of the School Counsellor: The counsellor introduced herself, sharing her name, background, and a few personal interests to connect with the students on a more personal level. She emphasized her role as a trusted adult available to support the students throughout their school journey.

Role of the School Counsellor: The counsellor explained her primary responsibilities, such as providing counselling services, offering academic guidance, assisting with personal and social development, and promoting mental health and well-being within the school arena.

Confidentiality and Trust: The importance of confidentiality in counselling sessions was discussed, assuring the students that their conversations with the counsellor would be kept private, unless there was a concern about their safety or the safety of others. This emphasis on trust helped create a safe space for the students to share their thoughts and feelings.

Available Services and Resources: The counsellor informed the students about various services and resources available to them, including individual counselling sessions, group support, workshops, and helpful materials related to academic success and emotional well-being.

Sharing the issues: The students were encouraged to ask any questions they wanted the counsellor to address in the upcoming sessions. They wrote their questions on a paper and submitted.

Closing: The session concluded with a positive message from the counsellor, encouraging the students to feel comfortable seeking their support whenever they needed someone to talk to or if they faced any challenges.


The introduction to the school counsellor for 6A students was successful in creating a welcoming and supportive environment. The interactive approach allowed the students to connect with the counsellor on a personal level, making them more comfortable seeking assistance when needed. By providing information about the counsellor’s role and the available services, the session promoted a positive view of counselling and encouraged the students to prioritize their mental health and well-being throughout their school journey.

Ms. Nakkashi Jain

Counselling Department

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