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Exploring Chemistry: A Practical Journey with IGCSE-2 Students at KIS, Noida

Chemistry Lab

In the vibrant world of science, practical experiments are like windows opening to a realm of discovery. Recently, the students of IGCSE-2 delved into the fascinating subject of Chemistry through hands-on practical sessions, igniting their curiosity and understanding.

Introduction to Laboratory Basics

Equipped with enthusiasm and a thirst for knowledge, the students embarked on their laboratory journey. The session commenced with an introduction to basic laboratory equipment, setting the stage for a series of intriguing experiments.

Testing the Fundamentals: Acids, Bases, and Beyond

The first practical experiment on the agenda was the testing of acids and bases. Students meticulously tested various transparent solutions, exploring the properties of both dilute and concentrated forms. With precision and focus, they observed the reactions unfold, unraveling the mysteries of pH levels and chemical properties.

Crystallizing Knowledge: Formation of Double Salts

Next on the agenda was the enchanting process of crystallization, specifically focusing on the formation of double salts. Armed with potassium sulfate and aluminum sulfate, the students embarked on a journey of solution and transformation. They carefully prepared separate aqueous solutions, skillfully filtered them, and then heated the solutions to the crystallization point. With patience and diligence, they observed as the solutions transformed into exquisite crystalline structures.

The Beauty of Science Unveiled

As the practical sessions concluded, the students marveled at the beauty of science in action. From testing acids and bases to witnessing the mesmerizing formation of double salts, each experiment offered a glimpse into the intricate world of Chemistry. Through hands-on experience, they not only expanded their knowledge but also honed their practical skills and scientific understanding.


The practical sessions in Chemistry proved to be a journey of exploration and enlightenment for the students of IGCSE-2. As they bid farewell to the laboratory, they carried with them not only memories of bubbling solutions and crystalline formations but also a deeper appreciation for the wonders of science. With newfound knowledge and curiosity, they eagerly await their next scientific adventure.

Stay tuned for more updates on our academic explorations and practical adventures at Kothari International School!

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