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KIS CAMBRIDGE: IGCSE-2 Exploring Chemistry

In an engaging practical session, Grade IGCSE-2 students delved into the fascinating world of chemistry to form soluble salts. Guided by their curiosity and a thirst for knowledge, they embarked on a journey of titration followed by evaporation, aimed at obtaining pure soluble salts.

Using the potent combination of "H2SO4" and NaOH, renowned as the king of acids and a strong base, respectively, students commenced their experiment. Employing the indicator phenolphthalein, they meticulously conducted their initial titration, determining the precise amount of base required to neutralize the given quantity of acid.

Armed with this valuable information, students proceeded to their second attempt, omitting the use of the indicator. With calculated precision, they achieved the formation of a pure soluble salt solution.

The next step in their scientific exploration involved the evaporation of the solution. As the water content evaporated, small crystals of the desired solute began to emerge, signaling the successful formation of Sodium Sulphate.

Through hands-on experimentation and critical thinking, our students not only gained practical insights into chemical reactions but also cultivated a deeper appreciation for the wonders of chemistry. Stay tuned for more exciting scientific discoveries from our IGCSE curriculum!

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