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KIS students at DME for Internship

Law Internship Report: KIS Students at DME


This report highlights the experiences and outcomes of the one-week summer law internship conducted by DME College for the students of Ko

thari International School. The internship, held from June 1st to June 8th, focused on providing practical insights into the legal profession and guidance for the students on their journey to become outstanding lawyers.

Internship Program Details:

Duration- June 1st - June 8th

Organizer- DME College

Focus- CLAT Preparation, Research Paper Writing, Practical Exposure, Developing Legal Skillset.

Participants- Kothari International School, Mayoor school, Delhi world public, The Manthan school and many more.

Internship Activities:

1. Orientation and CLAT Guidance- The program commenced with an orientation session, acquainting the students with the structure and purpose of the internship. The students were also given comprehensive guidance on the CLAT exam, including test formats, syllabi, and effective preparation strategies.

2. Legal Research and Writing- The students received training in legal research methodologies and were given guidance on the art of writing research papers. They learned about the significance of credible sources and citation techniques.

3. Practical Exposure- The students actively engaged in multiple activities designed to simulate real-world legal scenarios. They participated in case discussions and legal debates, fostering critical thinking, analytical skills, and the ability to articulate legal arguments effectively.

4. Interaction with Legal Experts- DME College facilitated interactive sessions with legal professionals, including practising lawyers, judges, and academicians. The students had the opportunity to learn from their experiences, gain insights into the legal field, and seek guidance regarding legal career paths.

Learning Outcomes:

1. CLAT Preparation- The students received expert guidance on the CLAT exam, which enhanced their understanding of the test structure, subject areas, and time management strategies. They developed effective study techniques and learned how to tackle different question types.

2. Legal Research Skills- Through workshops and practical exercises, the students put an edge on their legal research skills. They gained proficiency in finding and analyzing relevant case laws, thereby strengthening their ability to support legal arguments.

3. Research Paper Writing- The students acquired the necessary knowledge and skills to write well-structured research papers in the field of law. They learned how to conduct literature reviews, critically analyse legal issues, and present their findings effectively.

4. Professional Development- The internship promoted professionalism, effective communication, and teamwork among the students. They learned to collaborate with peers, respect diverse opinions, and present their arguments confidently.


The law internship conducted by DME College for students proved to be a valuable and enriching experience. This Kothari International School initiative has significantly contributed to their student’s personal and professional growth. The knowledge experiences gained during this internship will undoubtedly assist the students in pursuing their legal and academic aspirations.

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