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Exploring Anger Management: A Comprehensive Workshop


Anger is defined as an intense emotion categorised by feelings of stress, frustration and irritation. And, managing anger is integral for people, since it enables them to acknowledge, cope as well as express anger in a healthy and productive manner.

As a part of KIS Health and Wellness Program, an enriching workshop was organised with Fortis Mental Health Department on 10 AUGUST, 2023 to engage the students of Grades 7 & 8 in gaining knowledge about Anger management. The resource person for this session was Ms. Anusha Tyagi, Counselling psychologist and Expressive Arts based therapist at Fortis Healthcare.

The workshop began with an interesting activity, wherein the students were asked to share their own understanding about anger. And, then a detailed discussion took place on the concept of anger, causes of anger, and the consequences of displaying anger towards others.

This was followed by an engrossing activity, wherein the students were asked to express their perspective towards the exemplary situations and the way they responded to the situation showed their style of expressed anger. After this, another intriguing activity was conducted, in which the students were asked to acknowledge the things that makes them angry using art as a medium of expression.

The workshop ended with learning the numerous ways to manage their anger. Overall, this workshop served as an impeccable opportunity for the students of Grades 7 & 8 to augment their knowledge about anger management, in turn developing their personalised anger management tool kit as a whole.


•Control anger and be happy.

•To control anger and it’s consequences and the way people think about the word anger.

•Anger is a normal reaction and a part of human nature.

•We shouldn’t take anger out on someone or keep our thoughts to ourselves. Instead, we should express our feelings and emotions by talking to our parents, friends, or counselors.

•We can control anger by taking a breather or counting down.

•The consequences of showing anger.

•We can take deep breath to prevent from anger.

•Anger is just a universal emotion.

•The key learning is not to take anger as a negative thing, rather take it as a normal emotion.

•It is okay to be angry, but you should also know how to control it.

•Anger management helps our mind to be free and informative.

•Keep us calm and focused.

•Anger management is integral for enriching one’s mental well-being.

•Controlling anger makes us fit and happy.

•To control anger and be polite in public.

•To reduce both your emotional feelings and physiological arousal as a result of anger.

Written by:

Vanya Chaddha


Counselling Department

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