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Astronomy Lab at KIS

An inaugural ceremony and a training session were organized at Kothari International School, Noida on June 28, 2023. The newly established Astronomy Lab was inaugurated by ribbon-cutting, accompanied by the symbolic act of "breaking a coconut," which signifies offering oneself to God. The inauguration was conducted by our trustee, Dr. Avinash Gupta, in the gracious presence of Dr. Sangeeta Arora, Principal of KIS, and Mr. Manish Seksaria, Vice Principal of KIS. All the teachers from the Science Department were present to participate in the ceremony.

A day-long session was organized by "Spark Astronomy Delhi," which offers Space Science Education through one-on-one interactive classes for students from Grades 4 to 12. Mr. Nishant and Ms. Deepti conducted a workshop for the teachers at KIS, providing hands-on experience with various interesting models in the Astronomy Lab.

During the session, the teachers learned how to operate different types of telescopes: Refracting and Reflecting Telescopes for space observation. They also engaged in the adjustment of lenses for microscope development, which is a helpful skill for science students to focus on objects accurately.

The workshop included engaging activities to observe the path of light rays using optic devices, demonstrating the intersection of rays at the focus. The teachers were trained to operate devices such as the Vacuum Chamber, which showcased that sound requires a medium to propagate.

Additionally, the teachers had the opportunity to explore and handle devices like the Antigravity Toy, Augmented Reality tools, and Models of Zodiac Constellations. These tools will be used in the classroom to generate interest in Astronomy among students and facilitate a better understanding of concepts in Physics.

The session also featured the demonstration of a Brachistochrone Curve using a bridge, explaining the fastest path for a ball to roll between two points at different heights. The teachers were introduced to resources like Plansphere Cards, which assist students in understanding phenomena related to latitudes, longitudes, and the appearance of stars/constellations at specific times of the year.

The workshop aimed to train and empower teachers, equipping them for effective teaching and imparting knowledge based on these concepts. With its space-like interior, the beautifully designed Astronomy Lab at KIS promises to offer learners the best possible learning experience.

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