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Book Launch - "Shunya se Gagan" by Shri Deepak Kothari (Chairman-Kothari Group of Schools)

Biography of our revered Founder Chairman, Late Shri Mahadev Mansukh Bhai Kothari (Babu Ji)

A heartwarming chapter unfolded today as Kothari International School, Noida, illuminated its halls with the spirit of admiration and remembrance. The pages of "Shunya se Gagan" came alive in a poignant book launch ceremony held on August 28, 2023, within the cherished walls of our AV hall.

The essence of this remarkable event lay in the biography of our revered Founder Chairman, Late Shri Mahadev Mansukh Bhai Kothari (Babu Ji) , penned with love and reverence by his own son and the current Chairman, Mr. Deepak Kothari. The ceremony was an eloquent homage to a visionary, a tribute to a life woven into the very fabric of our institution.

As the sun dipped behind the horizon, the aura within our school resonated with the profound addresses of esteemed individuals who played pivotal roles in nurturing the school's legacy. The presence of the Chairman, Chairperson, Trustee, Advisor, Principal, Vice Principal, and Management Members added an air of significance to this already momentous occasion. Amidst the gathering, the echoes of dedication and respect were palpable, painting an enchanting picture of unity and gratitude.

The evening commenced with the resonant words of the honorable trustee, setting the tone for what was to be an unforgettable event. An enchanting musical performance followed, a symphony of emotions that swept through the hearts of everyone present, connecting souls and memories. The chapters of the past intertwined seamlessly with the present, as Chairman Mr. Deepak Kothari, Chairperson Ms. Arti Kothari, Advisor Mr. Pradeep Srivastav, Advisor Ms. Manju Gupta, and Trustee Mr. Avinash Gupta shared their heartfelt insights, narrating stories that bridged generations.

With every word, every note, the room seemed to overflow with the spirit of our Founder Chairman, his vision, his passion, and his enduring legacy. In a crescendo of gratitude and appreciation, Dr. Sangeeta Arora, Principal of Kothari International School, extended a heartfelt vote of thanks, acknowledging the efforts that brought this magnificent event to life.

The book launch ceremony, a tapestry woven with memories and aspirations, emerged as a grand success—a moment that reminded us of the power of literature, of remembrance, and of unity. Together, we turned the pages of history, and as we closed this chapter, the words etched within it remained imprinted on our hearts.


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