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Cultivating Gratitude


A Health & Well Being Program of KIS

Cultivating Gratitude

Date: 23.03.2023

Venue:7 C Classroom


The objective of this group session was to introduce and explore the concept of gratitude with 7C students. Through various activities and discussions, the goal was to help students understand the importance of gratitude and how it can positively impact their well-being and relationships.

Activity: Writing Gratitude Letters

Students were asked to think of someone they were grateful for and write a gratitude letter to that person. The facilitator provided prompts to help them structure their letters, focusing on specific memories and qualities they admired .

Several students volunteered to read their gratitude letters aloud. This sharing allowed students to experience the power of expressing gratitude and provided insights into the diverse ways people can positively impact one another.

Key Takeaways:

Gratitude letters are heartfelt expressions of appreciation to individuals who have positively impacted our lives.

Expressing gratitude can strengthen relationships and promote emotional connections.

Gratitude extends beyond others; self-appreciation is also essential for personal well-being. Regularly practicing gratitude can enhance overall happiness and positivity.


The group session on cultivating gratitude through letter writing provided the students with a meaningful opportunity to express their feelings of appreciation. Through the writing process and sharing of gratitude letters, students learned about the positive impact of gratitude on their relationships and personal well-being. The session encouraged them to think deeply about the people and experiences they value and offered a practical way to communicate those feelings. By fostering the habit of expressing gratitude, these students have the potential to cultivate stronger connections and a more positive outlook on life.

Nakkashi Jain

Counselling Department

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