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Embracing Digital Etiquette: Enhancing Online Communication

With the advent of technology, people tend to communicate mostly over text, call, or even mail. So, it is important to follow the rules online for effective communication to take place. Netiquettes refer to certain rules which lead to civil communication in an online setting.

As a part of the KIS Health and Wellness Program, an enriching Group counseling session was conducted on 9 May 2023 by Ms. Vanya Chadha, our School Counsellor (Grades 8-12) for the students of Grade 8, in order to make them aware about the notion of Netiquettes.

The session began with an introduction to Netiquettes, i.e., the etiquettes that are practiced online. This was followed by an interesting activity, wherein the students shared their usage on social media platforms. And, then they were engaged in a detailed discussion about the significance of following netiquettes while communicating online.

This was followed by the second activity, wherein a role play was conducted, and it showed the way two friends communicated online with each other in a respectful manner. Then, they were asked to share their perspective on the ways to follow netiquette, and its implications while having online communication with their peers.

The session ended with the students being asked to engage in a group activity, wherein they created one poster per group on Netiquettes, using online tools, in turn helping them to gain more knowledge about Netiquettes in a detailed manner.

Further, this session served as a impeccable opportunity for the students to share their outlook on netiquettes, and the importance of practicing all the netiquettes, in order to have respectful online communication with their peers.

Overall, it was an intuitive experience for the students of Grade 8.


•I learned in the group session that we should use the internet wisely.

•We should not use inappropriate language or send inappropriate texts.

•We should use respectful and friendly language with people online and also practice patience.

•Be respectful towards others.

•We should be upstanders.

•We should not bully anyone.

•Be kind towards everyone.

•To always report the bully in the class to the counselor.

•The importance of thinking about other people before taking action.

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