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Exploring Innovation and Expertise with Mr. Zeno van der Zaim

Revolutionizing Special Education: A Glimpse into Kothari International School's Seminar

We are thrilled to share that a one day seminar was organized by the rainbow department of Kothari International School on 5th August 2023. We had a special guest Mr. Zeno van der Zaim from Netherlands. He is a Special Educator working in the field of from past 12 years. He is a teacher in general economics, business economics, social sciences, informatics and physics.

Another guest for the seminar was Ms. Dolly Bhasin, an Innovator and a knowledge entrepreneur and Founder of SmartEdge, a platform for innovators for experiential learning and technology innovation.

Following the school’s tradition the guest were welcomed with a tilak ceremony followed by the gathering of special educators and guest in the conference hall. Our Principal Dr. Sangeeta Arora warmly welcomed the guests and had a detailed discussion about inclusion and diversity.

The meeting began shortly after all the special educators and special needs trainers gathered in the conference hall. Mr. Zeno discussed about main characteristics of children with autism and also spoke about various strategies and methodologies used for children with autism.

During the interaction, a device to facilitate communication and social interaction for students with autism was demonstrated. This device has a speaker and it allows you to ask questions regarding the needs and strategies for children with autism. Mr. Zeno also gave us demonstrations of how the device can be used. Mr. Zeno also explained how it works.

Mr. Zeno and team also went for the school tour led by Ms. Aksi Naqvi and Mr. Gaurav Saxena. It was a very enriching and informative session. Some interesting aspects and perspectives were discussed with a lot of examples relatable to everyone’s daily life which enthralled the educators with inquisitiveness and motivated us all.


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