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KIS Health and Wellness Program


As a part of the KIS Health and Wellness Program, enthralling Group counseling sessions were conducted on March 19, 2024, by Ms. Vanya Chadha, our School Counsellor (Grades 8-12) for all the sections of Grade 10, to make them aware about the Significance of Good conduct in school.

These sessions commenced with a detailed discussion on the Importance of maintaining good conduct and following all the rules as well as the code of conduct in school, irrespective of any festivities. This was followed by an engaging activity, wherein the students wrote their Perspectives about Good Conduct.

The sessions ended with the students being asked to create a Poster or Presentation on the Significance of Good Conduct in School. It served as an impeccable opportunity for all the students to gain knowledge on the concept of Good conduct in school and its significance towards an enriching academic journey.

Overall, it was a thought-provoking experience for all the students of Grade 10.


● To maintain the decorum of the school.

● Always maintain decorum

● Not to bring a mobile phone

● I learned that we should respect others and behave properly.

● We should maintain decorum

● Maintaining the discipline of the school

● Importance of good conduct

● Good conduct is the most important part of school

● Some students will be there who won't follow the code of conduct.

● Definition of good conduct.

● The code of conduct of the school

● Good conduct is a very essential part of life

● One's actions reflect on his character and personality.

● Maintaining rules and regulations in school.

● I got to know the various ways in which good conduct can benefit me.

● A good conduct leads to a controlled life

● Good conduct is very important.

● We got to know more about good conduct.

● The learning about ethics and conduct

● I learned some positive habits that I should follow in school.

● Learning on School conduct

● How we got the opportunity to express ourselves.

● I liked that we wrote about our own opinions instead of the standard answer.

● Rules of school

● I understood the importance of good conduct

● Learning the importance of discipline and behavior in school.

● I got to know about the significance of good conduct.

● The importance of good conduct and the ways it can affect us.

● It was helpful and provided some time to think about my mental health under supervision

Written by:

Ms. Vanya Chadha

School Counsellor

Grades 8-12


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