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Road safety plays an integral part in a person’s life. It aims towards making people aware of the significance of following all traffic rules while driving or crossing roads.
As a part of the KIS Enrichment Programme, an engaging Group counseling session was conducted on 3 August 2023 by Ms. Vanya Chadha, our School Counsellor (Grades 8-12), for the students of Grade 8 in order to spread awareness about the importance of Road safety and it’s impacted in their lives.
The session began with a mental health check-in, wherein the students expressed their feelings. And, then they were introduced to the concept of Road safety and it’s significance. This was followed by an engaging activity, wherein the students wrote about their perspectives on the importance of road safety.

The students were then made aware of the following important road safety rules:

● Cross the road at the Zebra Crossing.

● Do not run on the streets.

● Always walk on the pavement.

● Do not stick your hand or head out of a moving vehicle.

● Strap on seatbelts in cars.

● Get off on the safer side of the car.

● Gear up for bicycle rides.

● Follow all the traffic signals.

In the second activity, the students created as a group their own slogans on road safety. These are as follows:

• “Road safety is your and your family's safety”

• “Follow rules of safety for your safety”

• “Road safety is something to follow, preventing us from harm and sorrow”

• “Gear up for the safer ride, now it’s my turn let’s turn right”

Then they were shown an awareness video, wherein all the road safety rules along with it’s signs were explained in detail with the help of a story. This was followed by a detailed discussion on the learning from the awareness video.

The session ended with a “Road Safety Pledge”, wherein the students took an oath to follow all the road safety rules and encourage others to do the same, in turn enriching their understanding of the prominence of following traffic rules in their lives.

Further, this session served as a perfect opportunity for the students to become more aware of practicing road safety in their daily lives.

Overall, it was an informative session for the students of Grade 8.

Written by:

Vanya Chadha

School Counsellor

Grades 8-12


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