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Shivangi Prasad: Rising Star on the Top 50 Global Authors Leaderboard

In the world of literature and creativity, there are individuals who shine brighter than the stars, and their stories resonate with the power to inspire generations. One such shining star is Ms. Shivangi Prasad, a talented young author from Grade 7B at Kothari International School (KIS), Noida. Her journey as a KIS Young Author in the 'World’s Largest Online Summer Book Writing Festival 2023' is a testament to her passion, dedication, and exceptional literary prowess.

A Triumph for KIS: No.1 at the State Level

KIS, Noida, made history by clinching the top spot at the Uttar Pradesh State level in the prestigious 'World’s Largest Online Summer Book Writing Festival 2023.' presented & powered by Education World and Bribooks. This incredible achievement was made possible by the participation of 344 KIS students, who collectively authored an impressive total of 520 books. Out of these remarkable creations, an awe-inspiring 166 books were successfully published and made available for readers to enjoy.

Shivangi Prasad: Rising Star on the Top 50 Global Authors Leaderboard

Amid this sea of literary talent, Ms. Shivangi Prasad emerged as a true luminary. A proud member of Grade 7B, Shivangi showcased her exceptional storytelling skills and literary finesse, earning her a well-deserved spot on the coveted Global Authors Leaderboard. Her remarkable achievement saw her secure the 42nd position, a testament to her dedication and creative brilliance.

Message from Shivangi's Granny “ "The contribution in the development of a child takes place both at home and school. In Shivangi's case, the major contributors from school have been Mrs. Prarthana Sharma, Mrs. Surabhi Bhatnagar, and Mrs Resham Sharma of the primary section.”

A Journey to International Fame and Recognition

Shivangi's literary journey reached incredible heights as her book titled 'The Ride to the Horizon' garnered the attention it rightfully deserves. Her work was not only recognized on a global platform but was also featured on the esteemed Disney International HD Channel, further solidifying her status as a budding literary sensation.

The pinnacle of her achievements came with the invitation to the prestigious Brooklyn Book Festival, renowned as the world's finest book festival for young readers. The fact that her book would be showcased amidst the literary luminaries of New York City, USA, speaks volumes about the quality of her storytelling and the impact of her words.

An Array of Accomplishments and Honors

The journey of Ms. Shivangi Prasad as a KIS Young Author was punctuated by a series of well-deserved accolades. Not only did she earn a valuable gift voucher from Amazon, but she also received a spectrum of titles that reflect her growing stature in the literary world. From being recognized as an Emerging Author and Emerging Entrepreneur Author to the honor of being a Nationally Published Author and a Globally Published Author, Shivangi's journey is one of continuous growth and achievement.

The crowning glory of her accomplishments came in the form of the Silver Star Medallion, the Gold Star Medallion, and the prestigious Platinum Star Medallion – the highest recognition she received for her outstanding contributions to the world of literature.

In Conclusion

The journey of Ms. Shivangi Prasad, who started as an introvert at an early age when she gets admitted to the Kothari International School, Noida has transformed her today into a successful writer and entrepreneur. Her incredible achievements at the 'World’s Largest Online Summer Book Writing Festival 2023' is a testament to the power of compassion, dedication, and creative brilliance shown by Shivangi and her teachers and mentors. Her rise to international acclaim and her exceptional achievements not only bring honor to her school but also serve as an inspiration for aspiring authors around the world. As 'The Ride to the Horizon' takes her to new literary horizons, we can't help but eagerly anticipate the next chapters of Shivangi's remarkable journey.

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