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Vedic Maths Workshop at KIS,Noida

Vedic Mathematics encompasses the collection of methods or sutras, in order to solve

numerical computations quickly.

As a part of the KIS Enrichment Program, an enthralling workshop was organized withFIITJEE on 5 October 2023 to engross the students of Grades 7 & 8 in understanding the concept of Vedic Mathematics. The resource persons for this workshop were Mr. Shubham, Ms. Neha, and Mr. Debapriya.

The workshop began with an interactive activity, wherein the students were asked to

express their own views on Vedic Mathematics. After this, they were explained the

significance and rules of Vedic Mathematics.

This was followed by an engaging activity, wherein the students were shown Mathematical

brain teasers, in turn, facilitating them to learn dynamic ways to solve mathematical

problems in an efficient manner.

The workshop ended with sharing insights on the process of developing logical reasoning

among the students. Overall, this workshop served as a perfect opportunity for the students

of Grades 7 & 8, in order to gain knowledge about the notion of Vedic Mathematics, and at

the same time assist them in evolving problem-solving abilities as a whole.


  • To know more about Vedic Maths.

  • Do calculations in a fun way.

  • We should always focus on our questions and try to understand them.

  • Different ways of solving a problem.

  • Logical thinking and problem-solving.

  • To solve tricky questions.

  • The impact of Vedic Mathematics on problem-solving, logical reasoning, and

  • analytical abilities.

  • Solving logical reasoning questions.

  • The riddles are good for the brain since the brain likes hard questions for brain

  • development.

  • There are many ways to think of an answer.

  • I learned how to solve a problem.

  • There is always an easy way to solve a problem.

  • I learned that we can solve any riddle through putting our minds to the best and

  • dedication.

  • To find a number of triangles in a brain teaser.

  • Intelligence and learning.

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