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Poem "Traffic Rules to Follow!" by Anika Dasgupta Grade- 6C

These are the traffic rules we must follow,

So that nobody gets hurt or has to feel sorrow.

The roads are there not to run or play,

But for the traffic to make their way.

So, walk on the footpath or by the side of the road-

This will keep you safe from the rushing vehicles galore.

Look to your right, then to your left,

Cross the road when the vehicles pose no threat.

Stop! Stop, when the light is red;

When the light turns green, you can go ahead.

At night, always wear light-colored clothes or white,

So that the drivers see you as bright as a light.

These are the traffic rules that we should obey,

So that we are safe night and day.

Follow the simple traffic rules:

It will keep everyone safe including you.

Anika Dasgupta

Grade- 6C

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